Hi, I’m Michael Treacy.

Congratulations on making the first step in seeking out your celebrant for your wedding!

Since 2001, I have been a Registered Marriage Celebrant and currently a member of the Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants. In all the ceremonies, I strive to get everyone relaxed and ready to have a good experience without losing the dignity of the occasion. It should be a wonderfully happy event for you, your family and your guests.

I show respect to all people – wherever they come from. Many of my clients have contacted me because they know that I have taken the time to study the important aspects of their cultural or religious background, if that is important for them.

I will give you as much help as needed in the planning of your wedding and during my performance on the day. I recommend a rehearsal for every event where possible as this can make everyone feel more relaxed and prepared for the ceremony.

Finally, you will find that I am a pretty easy-going person who will listen to what you want for your ceremony and will offer advice as needed for the success of your event. If you would like to see if I would be the right celebrant for your special day, please give me a call or send a text.

Wishing you lots of happy days in your future marriage!

Michael Treacy
0430 712 642


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