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Congratulations and Welcome to Michael Treacy's celebrant home page, Aussie Marriages!

If you are planning to get married and are looking for a celebrant committed to higher values and able to create just the right type of ceremony for the occasion, I specialise in marriage ceremonies and have an excellent track record to give a well above average performance on the day.
(See the comments that brides and grooms have made on the Reviews link!).

After an initial meet and greet, if you decide to book me for the wedding, we will need to meet again and fill out all the legal documents to begin the process.

My style is based on warmth, dignity and humour - when appropriate. I enjoy each wedding very much and take great care to make sure that you know what looks and works well in the ceremony. I will deliver what is promised and make your day one to be remembered. There is a short video clip of a wedding ceremony performed just outside of Melbourne on this web page, if you want to get an idea of my voice and style (I did a ceremony for my son on that occasion! - just so you understand the humour...)

I am a great believer in balance. In the ceremony, there are, of course, the legal parts, sometimes emotional times and apportunities for a bit of light humour. A funny story or something humourous helps people to relax and enjoy the day.

Finally I am conscious that the wedding is all about the Bride! And I do my utmost to make her feel special and the centre of the occasion.

I hope this is enough information for starters. If you would like to discuss more, please send me a text on 0430 712 642 or email aussiemarriages@gmail.com

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'michael treacy marriage celebrant'

Wishing you both a happy day, a wonderful ceremony and a beautiful future married life!

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